产品简介:GGD 固定分隔柜适用于发电厂、变电站、工矿企业等电力用户作为交流 50Hz 额定工作电压 380V,额定工作电流 3150A 的配电系统中,作为动力、照明及配电设备的电能转换、分配与控制之用。产品具有分断能力高,动热稳定性好,适用性能强等特点。产品符合GB7251.1、GBT/23359、JB/T9661 等相关标准。
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    GGD 固定分隔柜适用于发电厂、变电站、工矿企业等电力用户作为交流 50Hz 额定工作电压 380V,额定工作电流 3150A 的配电系统中,作为动力、照明及配电设备的电能转换、分配与控制之用。产品具有分断能力高,动热稳定性好,适用性能强等特点。产品符合GB7251.1、GBT/23359、JB/T9661 等相关标准。

    GGD fixed partition cabinet is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., as a distribution system with AC 50Hz rated working voltage of 380V and rated working current of 3150A, and used for power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment. The product has the characteristics of high breaking ability, good dynamic and thermal stability and strong applicability. The products conform to GB7251.1, GBT/23359, JB/T9661 and other relevant standards.


    ♦柜架用 8MF 冷弯型钢材局部焊接拼装而成,其刚性及承载能力均达到电器元件的安装要求,框架上分别有按 E=20mm 和 E=100mm 数排列的安装孔,以提高产品的装配的通用性。主母线排列在柜的上部,采用的 ZMJ 型母线夹为积木式组合结构,用高阻燃 PPO 材料热注成型,机械强度和绝缘度高,能承受有效值 50kA,峰值 105kA 电流,热稳定冲击力长期允许温度可达 120℃。柜体防护等级 IP3X。

    ♦柜架为 C 型材组合式结构,结构件都经过镀锌处理或敷铝锌板制作。通过自攻锁紧螺钉 8.8 级六角螺钉紧固互相连接成基本框架,再按方案变化需要,加上相应的门、封板、隔板、安装支架,以及母线、功能单元等零部件,组装成一台完整的装置,装置内零部件尺寸、隔室尺寸,实行模数化(模数单位 E=25mm)。

    ♦ The cabinet frame is made of 8MF cold-formed steel by local welding, and its rigidity and bearing capacity meet the installation requirements of electrical components. the frame has installation holes arranged according to the number of e = 20mm and e = 100mm respectively, so as to improve the universality of product assembly. The main bus bar is arranged on the upper part of the cabinet, and the ZMJ bus bar clamp is a building block type combined structure, which is made of high flame retardant PPO material and has high mechanical strength and high insulation, can bear the effective value of 50kA and the peak value of 105kA current, and the long-term allowable temperature of thermal stability impact force can reach 120℃ . The protection level of cabinet is IP3X. 

    ♦ The cabinet frame is of C-profile combined structure, and all structural members are made of galvanized or aluminum-zinc coated plates. They are fastened and connected with each other to form a basic frame by self-tapping locking screws, 8.8-grade hexagon screws, and then a complete device is assembled by adding corresponding doors, sealing plates, partition plates, mounting brackets, bus bars, functional units and other components according to the requirements of scheme changes. The dimensions of components and compartments in the device are modularized (modular unit E = 25mm).


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