产品简介:输电及配电系统正常工作运行在工频信号下,然而随着大量非线性负荷用电设备的增加,注入电网中的谐波也随之增加,引起了电压及电流的波形畸变。传统的低压无功补偿装置 TSC( 晶闸管投切电容器组 ) 实现电容器快速无触点投切,但谐波的存在会使电容器与系统发生并联谐振,使谐波电流放大导致电容器损坏或晶闸管烧损。而供电系统常用的方法是采用接触器手动投切电力滤波器来消除谐波,自动化水平低,动作慢,无法做到适时稳定投切。低压动态无功补偿滤波成套装置 BSTSF( 用晶闸管投切滤波器 ) 实现了电压、无功、谐波的综合治理。
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    输电及配电系统正常工作运行在工频信号下,然而随着大量非线性负荷用电设备的增加,注入电网中的谐波也随之增加,引起了电压及电流的波形畸变。传统的低压无功补偿装置 TSC( 晶闸管投切电容器组 ) 实现电容器快速无触点投切,但谐波的存在会使电容器与系统发生并联谐振,使谐波电流放大导致电容器损坏或晶闸管烧损。而供电系统常用的方法是采用接触器手动投切电力滤波器来消除谐波,自动化水平低,动作慢,无法做到适时稳定投切。低压动态无功补偿滤波成套装置 BSTSF( 用晶闸管投切滤波器 ) 实现了电压、无功、谐波的综合治理。

    The normal operation of the transmission and distribution system is under the power frequency signal. However, with the increase of a large number of non-linear load electrical equipment, the harmonics injected into the power grid also increase, causing waveform distortion of voltage and current. The traditional low-voltage reactive power compensation device TSC (Thyristor Switching Capacitor Group) realizes fast contactless switching 

    of capacitors, but the presence of harmonics causes parallel resonance between capacitor and system, causing capacitor current to be damaged or thyristor burning. . The common method of the power supply system is to manually cut the power filter by the contactor to eliminate the harmonics, the automation level is extremely low, the motion is slow, and the timely and stable switching can not be achieved. The low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation filter device BSTSF (using a thyristor switching filter) realizes comprehensive control of voltage, reactive power and harmonics.

    ▒   主要特点 MAIN FEATURES

    ♦本低压动态无功补偿滤波成套装置兼有 TSC 和电力滤波器的双重功能特点,是一种精良、特别的晶闸管柔性投切技术。

    ♦通过控制晶闸管实现各次滤波器组无触点自动投切,采用优良的晶闸管柔性投切技术 (FACTF) 和特别工艺设计的滤波器,避免了传统接触器投切及晶闸管过零投切时产生的涌流、暂态冲击,无需放电即可再投。延长了动态补偿系统的使用寿命。


    ♦滤波器组由控制器控制投切,提高了滤波器组的快速响应能力,可根据配电系统的负荷情况动态频繁的投切。动态响应时间不超过 20ms。

    ♦功能强大、易于调试的液晶显示控制器,可实时显示系统电压、功率因数、投入系统滤波器的组数、补偿电流等数据。可对功率因数、过压值、失压值、过流值、谐波畸变率值、投切延时等参数进行编程。有过压、过流、欠流、设备温度 60℃等报警功能。


    ♦ This low-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation filter completes the dual functions of TSC and power filter. It is an advanced and unique thyristor flexible switching technology.

    ♦ Controlled thyristor realizes non-contact automatic switching of each filter group, adopts advanced thyristor flexible switching technology (FACTF) and special process design filter to avoid traditional contactor switching and thyristor zero-crossing switching The inrush current and transient impact can be re-injected without discharging. Extends the life of the dynamic compensation system.

    ♦ It can not only automatically track the system reactive load change, perform fast reactive power compensation, but also filter out the harmonic current in the power system to ensure that the user power factor is within the specified range. And because the capacitor is connected in series with the reactor, the amplification problem of the harmonics is avoided.

    ♦ The filter bank is controlled by the controller, which improves the fast response capability of the filter bank and can be dynamically and frequently switched according to the load of the power distribution system. The dynamic response time does not exceed 20ms.

    ♦ Powerful and easy to debug LCD display controller, which can display system voltage, power factor, number of sets of system filters, compensation current and other data in real time. Parameters such as power factor, overvoltage value, voltage loss value, overcurrent value, harmonic distortion rate value, and switching delay can be programmed. There are alarm functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, and equipment temperature of 60℃ .

    ♦ Three-phase or split-phase switching can be realized according to three-phase balanced load and asymmetric load.

    ▒   使用条件 CONDITIONS OF USE

    ♦相对湿度 <85%

    ♦大气压力 80 ~ 110kPa

    ♦海拔高度≤ 2000m


    ♦不受阳光直接照射,无雨雪及严重霉菌侵袭;安装倾斜度不大于 50°。

    ♦ Relative humidity <85%

    ♦ Atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 110kPa

    ♦ Altitude ≤ 2000m

    ♦ Installation site should be free of severe mechanical vibration, no conductive or explosive dust, no strong electric field or strong magnetic field, no damage to insulation and harmful gases and vapors of clothing metal.

    ♦ It is not exposed to direct sunlight, no rain or snow and severe mold attack; the installation inclination is not more than 50° .

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