产品简介:HRM16-12 全绝缘充气环网柜是一个密封的系统,其带电部件以及开关封闭在一个不锈钢的壳体内。整个开关装置不受外部环境的影响,从而以保障运行的可靠性及人身安全,并实现了免维护。通过选择可扩展母线,可以实现任何组合,达到全模块化。
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    HRM16-12 全绝缘充气环网柜是一个密封的系统,其带电部件以及开关封闭在一个不锈钢的壳体内。整个开关装置不受外部环境的影响,从而以保障运行的可靠性及人身安全,并实现了免维护。通过选择可扩展母线,可以实现任何组合,达到全模块化。 

    HRM16-12 fully insulated inflatable ring network cabinet is a completely sealed system, in which all live parts and switches are enclosed in a stainless steel shell. The whole switchgear is not affected by the external environment, thus ensuring the reliability of operation and personal safety, and realizing maintenance-free. By selecting the expandable bus, any combination can be realized to achieve full modularity.


    柜体结构:充气隔室采用 3mm 厚不锈钢板,经激光机数控机床加工后采用机械手焊接而成,焊接变形少,气密性好,其余隔室采用优良冷轧钢板,经数控折弯后拼接而成。

    Cabinet structure: The inflatable compartment is made of 3mm thick stainless steel plate, which is welded by manipulator after being processed by laser machine numerical control machine, with less welding deformation and good air tightness. Other compartments are made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is spliced after numerical control bending.

    ▒   主要特点 MAIN FEATURES

    ♦充气柜 DCFV 等单元组合,采用全绝缘密封,安全性能高;




    ♦外箱部分为传统的冷轧钢板制作 ;

    ♦ The inflatable cabinet DCFV and other units are combined with full insulation seal, which has high safety performance;

    ♦ The inflatable cabinet is small in size and convenient to install, and can be suitable for places with narrow space and poor environmental conditions;

    ♦ The whole switch device of the inflatable cabinet is completely unaffected by external environmental conditions, and the normal operation of the switch can be ensured even under extreme conditions such as short-term water immersion;

    ♦ Life-long maintenance-free products;

    ♦ The outer box part is made of traditional cold-rolled steel plate;

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