产品简介:XGN17-12 型交流金属封闭环网开关设备,适用于 10KV 三相交流 50Hz 环网或终端供电系统中,作为接受、分配电能或过载、短路保护之用,特别适用于无油化、不检修及频繁操作的场所。
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    XGN17-12 型交流金属封闭环网开关设备,适用于 10KV 三相交流 50Hz 环网或终端供电系统中,作为接受、分配电能或过载、短路保护之用,特别适用于无油化、不检修及频繁操作的场所。

    XGN17-12 type AC metal enclosed ring network switchgear is suitable for use in 10KV three-phaseAC 50Hz ring network or terminal power supply system, The utility model can be used for distributingelectric energy or overload and short circuit protection, and is especially suitable for the places of nooil, no maintenance and frequent operation.


    柜体采用敷铝锌板经数控机床加工后组装而成,防护等级达到 IP3X,并有可靠的机械联锁和防误操作功能。

    Cabinet with tibnor by CNC machining after assembled, protection grade reaches IP3X, and have reliablemechanical interlocking and anti misoperation function.

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    ♦可配施耐德 SF6 负荷开关,国外产 SFL-12、SFG-12 开关,正泰产 FLN36-12 开关,顺开产 FL44-12 开关;






    ♦ The load switch is an independent unit, and the inner part of the utility model is provided with six sulfurfluoride gas as an insulating medium; 

    ♦ Can be equipped with Schneider SF6 load switch, abroad production SFL-12, SFG-12 switch, CHINTFLN36-12 switch, FL44-12 switch; 

    ♦ The shell is made of high quality aluminum, zinc plate, has the advantages of corrosion resistance,oxidation resistance, novel structure, beautiful appearance; 

    ♦ Spring energy storage operation, three phase can automatically jump off, five anti lock interlock andoperating mechanism, the linkage safety and reliability; 

    ♦ The ring network cabinet can be conveniently formed a ring network power supply unit and other wiringmodes, and the expansibility is good; 

    ♦ six sulfur hexafluoride load switch, safe and reliable performance, no oil, toxic, no fire and explosion risk; 

    ♦ And the material can be used in galvanized or aluminized zinc plate production.


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