产品简介:HXGN15-12 型开关柜适用于 10KV, 三相交流 50Hz,单母线系统中,作为接受和分配电能之用,具有小型化、价位低、安全可靠、运行操作简单等特点,满足电力市场及城网、农网改造、箱式变电站的需求。
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    HXGN15-12 型开关柜适用于 10KV, 三相交流 50Hz,单母线系统中,作为接受和分配电能之用,具有小型化、价位低、安全可靠、运行操作简单等特点,满足电力市场及城网、农网改造、箱式变电站的需求。 

    Type HXGN15-12 switchgear is suitable for 10KV, three-phase AC 50Hz, single bus system, and is used for receiving and distributing electric energy. it has the characteristics of miniaturization, low price, safety and reliability, simple operation and so on, and meets the needs of power market, urban power grid, rural power grid reconstruction and box-type substation.



    The switch cabinet is a metal closed box type fixed structure, and the cabinet structure is formed by bolting and combining aluminum-zinc coated steel plates, and the cabinet is assembled by aluminum-zinc coated plate connectors. The mounting plates and partitions in the cabinet are galvanized, and the cabinet is divided into four chambers, namely, bus room, circuit breaker room, instrument room and cable room.

    ▒   主要特点 MAIN FEATURES

    ♦柜体后部上方采用 GN30-12 旋转隔离开关、下隔离采用 GN19-12 隔离开关,具有按程序操作的可靠的机械联锁装置,为操作人员与设备提供可靠的安全性保护;

    ♦配侧装式 VS1-12 真空断路器;



    ♦外壳防护等级为 IP2X。

    ♦ GN30-12 rotary isolating switch is adopted at the upper part of the rear part of the cabinet body, and GN19-12 isolating switch is adopted at the lower part of the cabinet body, which is provided with reliable mechanical interlocking devices operated according to procedures to provide reliable typrotection for operators and equipment;

    ♦ Equipped with side mounted VS1-12 vacuum circuit breaker;

    ♦ The main switch, isolating switch and cabinet door are all forced to lock mechanically, and the product meets the functional requirements of "five defenses";

    ♦ The space between the cable terminal and the ground is large, which is convenient for cable production, installation, inspection and maintenance;

    ♦ Enclosure protection level is IP2X.

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