产品简介:KYN61-40.5 型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备系三相交流 50Hz、额定电压 24kV 的户内成套配电装置。作为发电厂、 变电站及工矿企业接受和分配电能之用, 对电路起到控制、保护和监测等功能。
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    KYN61-40.5 型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备系三相交流 50Hz、额定电压 24kV 的户内成套配电装置。作为发电厂、 变电站及工矿企业接受和分配电能之用,对电路起到控制、保护和监测等功能。

    KYN61-40.5 armoured removable AC metal enclosed switchgear is a complete set of indoor distribution equipment with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 24kV. As a power plant, substation and industrial and mining enterprises, it can receive and distribute electric energy and control,protect and monitor circuits.


    开关柜按 GB3906 和 IEC62271-200:2003 要求进行设计。整体由柜体和可抽出部分(手车)两部分组成,柜体结构均采用敷铝锌板用螺栓栓接组装成型,用金属隔板将开关柜内部分隔为断路器室、主母线室、电缆室和继电器仪表室,并且金属构件均可靠接地,主回路系统的各隔室均有独立的压力释放通道,在电缆室内可设置 10x60mm 的接地母线。

    The switchgear is designed according to the requirements of GB3906 and IEC62271-200:2003. The whole cabinet consists of two parts: cabinet and extractable part (handcart). The cabinet structure is formed by bolting and assembling aluminum-coated zinc plates. The interior of the switch cabinet is divided into circuit breaker room, main bus room, cable room and relay instrument room by metal partition boards, and all metal components are reliably grounded. Each compartment of the main circuit system has independent pressure release channels, and a 10x60mm grounding bus can be set in the cable room.

    ▒   主要特点 MAIN FEATURES

    ♦简单有效地 " 五防 " 闭锁, 防止误操作,可配用 VS1、 VW1、 VD4、3AH 等真空断路器;

    ♦可配用电压互感器手车、 隔离手车、 熔断器手车等, 相同用途的手车具有互换性;

    ♦柜体可靠墙安装、 柜前维护, 减少占地面积;

    ♦断路器室和电缆室可分别加装加热器, 防止凝露与腐蚀发生;

    ♦电缆室空间充裕、 可连接多根电缆;

    ♦外壳防护等级达到 IP4X, 断路器室门打开时及各隔室间防护等级为 IP2X;


    ♦ Simple and effective "five-prevention" locking to prevent misoperation can be matched with vacuum circuit breakers such as VS1, VW1, VD4 and 3AH;

    ♦ It can be equipped with voltage transformer handcart, isolation handcart, fuse handcart, etc., and handcart with the same purpose hasinterchangeability;

    ♦ The cabinet can be reliably installed on the wall and maintained in front of the cabinet, reducing the occupied area;

    ♦ Heater can be installed in circuit breaker room and cable room to prevent condensation and corrosion.

    ♦ The cable room has ample space and can connect multiple cables;

    ♦ The protection level of the enclosure reaches IP4X, and the protection level of each compartment is IP2X when the door of the circuit breaker room is opened;

    ♦ The material can be made of zinc plate or aluminum-coated zinc plate.


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