产品简介:KYN28A-12(III) 型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备柜体系三相交流 50Hz、额定电压 12kV 和户内成套配电装置。作为发电厂、变电站及工矿企业接受和分配电能之用,并具有对电路实行控制、保护和监测等功能。
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    KYN28A-12(III) 型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备柜体系三相交流 50Hz、额定电压 12kV 和户内成套配电装置。作为发电厂、变电站及工矿企业接受和分配电能之用,并具有对电路实行控制、保护和监测等功能。

    KYN28A-12(III) armoured removable AC metal enclosed switchgear cabinet system with three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 12kV and indoor complete set of distribution equipment. As power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises, it can receive and distribute electric energy, and has the functions of controlling, protecting and monitoring circuits.

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    ♦ The appearance is novel, flat and concise, the color tone is unified and thick, and the proportion is coordinated;

    ♦ It has simple and reliable "five prevention" interlocking function to prevent misoperation;

    ♦ All-metal protection is adopted for the secondary trunking in the high-voltage room, which makes the operation safer and more reliable;

    ♦ It has a more humanized man-machine interface and is convenient to operate;

    ♦ The electric chassis car and the electric grounding switch can be configured, and the mechanical interlock can be automatically switched to meet the automation requirements of distribution network.


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